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Launch of

Sept 26, 2014

Welcome to a brand new and independent site for cruise related professional photography and video. Already at the launch our Cruise Gallery contains one of the most extensive collections of cruise photo and film, including time lapses, on the web. Photography, video clips and time lapses at low prices, can be downloaded quick and easy.

In conjunction with the gallery we also launched the site, where you will find more info about cruise assignments, a showreel film, and press release material. 

We´re always looking for new partners to work with within the cruise industry- so please get in touch if you have any feedback or ideas for collaboration.

If you would like to review/write about us, you may use photos/film from our press release kit. See info below:


Press, blogs and others can use the above pictures for reviews/stories/links to our site. Send an email to with "press release” as subject, and we´ll send you a download link. 

If you wish to use our showreel-video ( you may embed it directly from the video using the share icon (paper plane).  

Click the photo below to see the article Travel News have published about our archive:

TAX NOTIFICATION (NORWAY ONLY): Photofilmarchive is registered in Norway, and domestic tax (mva) will be added to purchases from Norwegian customers.

CRUISEPHOTOFILM.COM: Our site is where you will find our showreel and more info about how we work (assignments).

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